Market Entry Strategy

Market Entry Strategy

There is no one definite way in which a company can penetrate a foreign market. There is no universal strategy that can be applied to the international market as every single market has its own dynamic and volatility.

As different approaches have to be taken to comprehend and effectively enter the new market, vast and extensive knowledge about the target market is imperative.

Global Expandia provides the perfect service for any company that wishes to enter a new market. With deep and comprehensive knowledge of Indonesia and Cambodia, Global Expandia’s Market Entry Strategy services is the most viable option for a foreign company that wishes to understand more in order to penetrate a foreign market effectively.


Our services in Market Entry Strategy consist of 4 Stages.

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We first contacted Global Expandia following the recommendation from another multinational and we are very happy with the outcome. They have provided us great information and knowledge of the market, the steps to establish a PMA, hiring new employees and beyond that, they have provided us confidence that we are in good hands.

Luis Baselga
General Manager International, SIMON HOLDING

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