Intellectual Property Registration

Intellectual Property Registration


Before expanding into a new market, any entity (especially MNCs) has to check whether their brand, products, logo or even slogan has already registered in Indonesia.

This has to be one of the priority of any company that is entering a new market especially a new country. This is done to prevent plagiarism and also copycats, or even competitors.

Global Expandia provides one-stop service for all of our clients’ intellectual property matters in Indonesia. We oversee the filing and prosecution of all intellectual property application. Our wide array of networks of strategic alliance will provide our clients with total convenience with regards to their intellectual property points.

Listed below are the main activities that we do in Intellectual Property Registration:

Rights Concerned with Intellectual Creations
  • Patent Rights
  • Utility Innovation/Model Rights
  • Industrial Design Rights
  • Copyright
  • Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits Rights
  • Confidential Information / Trade Secrets / Know-how
  • New Plant Varieties
Rights Concerned with Business Reputation / Goodwill
  • Trademark
  • Service Marks
  • Trade Names / Business Names
  • Domain Names
  • Common Law Rights
Utilization of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Licensing / Franchising / Joint-Venture Arrangements
  • Valuation of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Sourcing / Sales of Technology
  • Developing New Products / Processes in Association with Clients
  • Litigation Support and Management
  • Analysis of Third Party Intellectual Property Rights and Freedom to Operate Opinions
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We first contacted Global Expandia following the recommendation from another multinational and we are very happy with the outcome. They have provided us great information and knowledge of the market, the steps to establish a PMA, hiring new employees and beyond that, they have provided us confidence that we are in good hands.

Luis Baselga
General Manager International, SIMON HOLDING

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