Provision on The Import of Animals and Animal Products

Importing animals and animal products to Indonesia can be a complex process. There are several permits to be obtained from related government institutions and requirements to be met in order for you to legally import the animals and animal products. Based on The Ministry of Trade of Republic Indonesia number 58/M-DAG/PER/8/2016, the objective of animals and animal products import must be done to:

  • improve quality and variety of genetic
  • develop science and technology in the country
  • overcome the shortage of animals and animals product in the country
  • fulfil the requirement for research and development

It is important to take note that the import of animals and animal products can only be conducted by entities that have obtained Import License (API) or is a BUMN and BUMD owned company. In order for you to legally import animals and animal products you have to obtain SPI. SPI is a license that give permission to an entity to import animals and animal products. You can apply SPI to UPTP, an institution under the supervision of Trade Ministry with requirements as below:

  • Notarial deeds of establishment
  • API (Import License)
  • Proof of the ownership of maintenance place and animal slaughterhouse that is in compliance with the law and regulations. If the applicant does not own an animal slaughterhouse, the applicant has to provide work contract with other animal slaughterhouse.
  • Proof of the ownership of cold storage and refrigerated transportation for the animal products.
  • Recommendation letter from The Ministry of Agriculture of Republic Indonesia for the import of animals.
  • Recommendation letter from the authorized official of The National Agency of Drugs and Food Control (BPOM) for animal products and recommendation letter for animal products that has risk of spreading zoonosis.

The Implementing Coordinator of UPTP on behalf of the Minister will issue the Import Approval no later than two working days since the date of application is received completely and correctly.

Imported animal products must have a label consist of: the name of the product; net weight; ingredients; code of production and expiration date written in Indonesia. Packaging that is in direct contact with animals products shall contain ingredients that is in accordance with the law.

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