Obtaining SNI Certification

Indonesia National Standard or SNI certification is a standard certification monitored by The National Standardization Agency of Indonesia (BSN). It is applied nationally in Indonesia. Based on Government Regulation 102/200 on National Standardization, SNI aims to: Improving the protection of consumers, business actors, personnel work, and other communities for safety, security, health and environmental function preservation; to help smooth trade; achieve healthy business competition in trading.

In general, there are three classification of SNI certification that can be applied:

  • Management System Certification: standard certification of company management system.
  • Product Certification: standard certification of the products produced by the company.
  • Personnel Certification: standard certification to the competence of personnel.

Based on Article 12 paragraph 2 of Government Regulation 102/2000, SNI is not required on all products. However, if the product is related to the interests of safety, security, public health or the preservation of environmental functions and /or economic considerations, then the product is required to have a SNI certification.

In order to apply for SNI certification, you have to determine what type of product you want to certify and check whether the product you wish to certify already has SNI. If the product does not have SNI, then your product can not be certified. You can check your product SNI here.

When you applying for SNI certification, you will have to complete several requirements including administrative and technical requirements. Requirements for administrative documents include:

  • Copy of Notarial Deeds of Establishment
  • Copy of SIUP and TDP
  • Copy of Tax Identification Number (NPWP)
  • Letter of Registration of Trademark issued by the Director General of Intellectual Property
  • Brand Certificate
  • Organization Chart authorized by the person in charge in the company
  • Letter of Appointment from the Management
  • Application Letter of SPPT SNI
  • Import License (API) (apply only to non-manufacturer)
  • Copy of Quality Management System Certificate (if applicable)

Requirement for technical documents include:

  • Quality Guidelines that have been ratified
  • Flow Chart of Production Process
  • Main Equipment Production List
  • List of Main Raw Materials and Production Support
  • List of Inspection and Testing Equipment
  • Copy of Quality Guidance Document and Quality Procedure

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