Choosing The Right Name for Your Company in Indonesia

The name of your company is important to your business. Not only will it become the identity of your company, but also it is one of the requirement for you to establish a Limited Liability Company (PT) in Indonesia. Sometimes naming your company can be a quite challenging process. Of course you want to choose a name that will last a long time and embody the core value of your business, but at the same time you have to make sure that the name is in accordance with the government regulation in Indonesia. That’s why it is important to take notes on several requirements to ensure that you are choosing the right name.

The first thing that you should take note when choosing the name of your company is that the name must consist of three (3) words or more. Although this rule is not written officially, your application will not be verified unless the proposed name consist of three syllables or more. The name of the limited liability company also must be preceded by “PT” (Perseroan Terbatas).

A company that is fully owned by Indonesian Citizen or Indonesian Entities or local PT shall be named in Indonesian, whereas PT PMA (Private Limited Company for Foreign Direct Investment) can be named in English or any other languages.

Based on Government Regulation no. 43 year 2011 on Procedure of Application and Use of PT name, the proposed name for a PT must meet the following requirements:

  • Written in Latin alphabet
  • Has not been legitimately used by other PT
  • Not contrary to public order and morality
  • Not the same as or similar as the name of government institution or international institution, unless authorized by the related institution directly
  • The name doesn’t consist of series of numbers or series of letter that do not form words
  • You must not only use the intent or objective of your business as the name of your PT
  • In the case of intent and purpose and business activities shall be used as part of the company name, the name must be in accordance with the purposes, objectives and business activities of the Company.

It is recommended for you to prepare two (2) back up names in case your first proposed name has been used by other PT in Indonesia. Once the process of application is completed, the verification will take 3 working days.

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